CLICK™ - connecting is everything

Community is for All of Us.

Belonging is a Human Right.


CLICK is a fun and practical method for embracing your place in the human family, finding your natural groups, and connecting deeply to your own story.

Including is a Human Responsibility


CLICK will also help you foster the skills and dispositions to help others feel welcomed, to intentionally bridge social divides, and to help others do the same.

CLICK™ The Everybody Connecting Method

Connect As Is


Where do we start?

Where we are, as we are, with the time we already have. This is about being honest and being present, Friends.

Listen First


I'm sorry, what? It's hard to hear you through my own ideas, goals, and inner chatter. But it all starts with slowing down to listen to myself, to you, and to the world around us.



Oh the assumptions we make before we even sign off on making them! When we slow down to really investigate our reactions and ask wonderful questions that help us get to know people, we've gone far in creating meaningful relationship.

Communicate Kindness


Communication makes or breaks us, doesn't it? Whether verbal, body language, or digital, how we convey our meaning determines whether our relationships have a next step. (And we can learn how best to get our kind intentions to register through emotional communication skills.)

Keep in Touch


Our time is maybe our most valuable resource.  Scheduling for connection can strengthen new relationships and keep things healthy and growing through time.

CLICK™ was developed from 10+ years of scholarship & lived experiences.

If you'd like to hear more about either of these, Cat would love to get into all the geeky details.

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