Connectors Consulting

Co-crafting relational cultures, systems, and experiences.

1-on-1 Coaching for Executives & Entrepreneurs

  • Embodying People-Centered Leadership
  • Crafting People-Centered Projects & Communications
  • Troubleshooting People Problems

Speaking & Workshops

  • CLICK™ 1.0 - The Process of Connecting
  • CLICK™ 2.0 - Creating Connective Culture
  • The Art of Friendship
  • Cultivating Other-Centeredness through Listening
  • Reimagining Our Time & Schedules 
  • Leveraging our screens for meaningful connection

Project Design

Craft your event, product, or script to maximize connection.

Relational Culture Shaping

Set the DNA of your new effort with relationships at the heart.

Immersive Training

Go deep in creating a culture of connectedness with onsite training.


Relationships are the foundation and the goal.

Connecting is the most natural instinct on earth.

Connecting is supposed to be awesome, not awful.


Collaboration in the Mud

Creative Strategery from the Inside-Out

The Experiment Cycle

Let's Go!

You are awesome.

You do awesome stuff.

Let's help people connect to it and through it!

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