Friendship is everything.

People Need People.

Your social needs are normal, and you are wired to connect.

Across the lifespan, relationships can be hard and wild, 

yet our broad + deep friendships are a treasure of life 

worth all the time and energy in the world.

No matter who you are or where you've been,

you can create the friendships you need to feel secure and live happy!


friendship services


Friendship Coaching

Friendship Class (Remote)

Friendship Class (Remote)

Friendships are just as complex as family and work relationships, if not more. It can be tough to know how to sustain, deepen and reshape friendships, especially when you're transitioning into a new school, workplace, neighborhood or life stage. I will help you navigate the ever-changing friendship terrain.


Friendship Class (Remote)

Friendship Class (Remote)

Friendship Class (Remote)

Cat facilitates CLICK, a remote 6-week experience in a warm, no-pressure environment to unpack your social stories, problem solve real situations and practice skills for connecting in real life. You will realize how normal your social needs are and gain new perspectives from classmates and class materials.


Friendship Plan Workshop

Friendship Class (Remote)

Friendship Plan Workshop

Both onsite at schools and remotely, Cat leads a 2-hour workshop to help us gain awareness of our friendship habits, expectations and needs. You'll form a personalized plan for how to initiate and deepen friendships and how to navigate stress and loneliness in positive ways.


"Without CLICK I would feel more isolated and hopeless."

“I found it so helpful  that we simply had  a space to talk about these things. We don't really have conversations like this 

that are open and low-pressure.”"

"It's the greatest thing that's ever happened--it's given me a sense of community I've never had."

"Cat has the antidote to loneliness, and it starts by caring."

Depression and anxiety are huge concerns for teens and young adults, but, luckily, 

we have the salve and that is 

human connection. 

Let’s keep CLICK going!”

“Without CLICK, I think I would have continued believing that I was the only person interested in

connection. I don't think I would have known to reach out to friends, family, etc. as much as I do now, nor felt confident enough to do it."

"My life has changed in just a few months. Even my employees are noticing that I've become more patient because of this community.” 


"This community is like a lighthouse that helps you know where the shore is— knowing that people are there in the difficult times. Everyone, no matter what their profession, should be able to have this sense of community." 


"I didn't have any friends when I moved to LA and I was quite sad at the time. The thing Cat's doing is just so tremendously valuable, and I didn't realize before I met her how important community is. It's really changed my life and other peoples' lives.”  


“This is what they should really be 

teaching us. This is what students really need to know.” 

“Having built community in my house—I ran for [group] President--and now I’m so excited to facilitate community!” .