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What is CLICK™?

CLICK™ is the adaptable  method that I use to design pilot projects in connection + belonging with leaders across industries. CLICK roots into the fine grain of your soil to cultivate conditions for connection from the inside-out. We get tiny, working with the 18 inches of space between us, in order to get long-term change.

I created CLICK™, "The Everybody Connection Method," through 20 years of scholarship and 10,000+ conversations in the trenches of LA neighborhoods.

WHY? Well, in order to survive...and...

Because meaningful connection is the #1 predictor of wellbeing and success at home, work, school, and play. And as a global society in an age of disconnection, we simply must learn to connect meaningfully across sectors and differences in order to thrive.

WHAT'S THE COST OF DISCONNECTION? The fallout is currently costing us our quality of life (mental health, suicide, addiction) and crippling expenditures in healthcare, HR services, and litigation. Some suggest it's threatening the very soil of democracy.

HOW do we CLICK™? How do we overcome obstacles of distraction, busyness, stress and fear to create lives and cultures of trust, purpose and creativity?

Whether you're an individual, community leader or leader in the academic, civic, private or arts-media sectors, I'd love to work with you to make relationships the bottom line.


Awesome Client Experiences

"Cat has an uncanny ability to connect with systems in a way that humanizes them." 

- Sam C., Executive Director, Level Ground

"What Cat is doing here can serve as the basis for renewed democracy."

- Jim B., Senior Associate Dean, USC

"Cat's understanding of people and systems runs deep. Beyond this, she brings to her work a faith in humanity and a commitment to fun, workable solutions that make her a joy to work with. She helped me -- a solitary writer, emphasis on solitary -- launch a successful workshop program. Nobody but Cat could make the work of drawing writers out of themselves so fun and so effortless."

- Ellie R., Writer, Founder, Write & Hike

"I've learned from Cat that community is synonymous with breathing. She has also attended several of my retreats, helping with ideas to create a magical experience out of the weekends. Cat not only has brilliant ideas, but she is a delight to be around."

- Jennifer D., Founder, Chapter One Workshop

"Cat has the antidote to loneliness, and it starts by caring."

- Rick D., Fine Artist + Teacher

"If everyone were like this, there would be no war."

- David A., Music Supervisor

"It's the greatest thing that's ever happened--it's given me a sense of community I've never had."

- Maris B., TV + Film Writer

"Cat has the unique ability to join high level leaders, oftentimes set in a blind spot of their own reductionism, and expand their ability to not only lead others but to love others better."

- Nick W., Founder & CEO, Cyclical Inc.



Listening Games for Yoga Day

All day

South Central LA

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Listening Games for Yoga Day

Open to the whole amazing community, come experience world-class yoga, meditation, health and nutrition workshops and more! I'll be on a Wellbeing Panel and leading a 75 minute workshop on Listening.

All day

South Central LA


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