Connecting is everything.

Pioneer of the CLICK™ Method of Connecting

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Currently Teaching at USC

Welcome, Friends!

You're awesome, 

and so is everyone around you. 

I speak, write, and coach around the awesomeness of connection and 

help leaders design the experiences, systems, and cultures that nurture and protect relationships. 

Because people really are the bottom line.

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Awesome Client Experiences

"Cat has an uncanny ability to connect with systems in a way that humanizes them." 

- Sam C., Executive Director, Level Ground

"I've learned from Cat that community is synonymous with breathing. She has also attended several of my retreats, helping with ideas to create a magical experience out of the weekends. Cat not only has brilliant ideas, but she is a delight to be around."

- Jennifer D., Founder, Chapter One Workshop

"Cat has the unique ability to join high level leaders, oftentimes set in a blind spot of their own reductionism, and expand their ability to not only lead others but to love others better."

- Nick W., Founder & CEO, Cyclical Inc.

"Without a doubt, I’d work with Cat again on any project of consequence."

- Greg S., CEO, Shadowbox

"Cat's understanding of people and systems runs deep. Beyond this, she brings to her work a faith in humanity and a commitment to fun, workable solutions that make her a joy to work with. She helped me -- a solitary writer, emphasis on solitary -- launch a successful workshop program. Nobody but Cat could make the work of drawing writers out of themselves so fun and so effortless."

- Ellie R., Writer, Founder, Write & Hike

"My life has changed in just a few months. Even my employees are noticing that I've become patient!"

- Efren M., CEO, Hacienda Victoria

"When my time is blocked off for a meeting with Cat, I know with confidence that it is going to be time well spent ... Recently she has helped me face the fears of starting a business and creatively letting go in my writing, allowing me to move forward in my dreams with confidence!"

- Yashica A., Founder, MathPsych

"If there are others more naturally “people-centered” than Cat, I've never met them.  So in the areas of community, connectedness, interpersonal-relatedness or simple friendship from one human being to another, I can't recommend Cat highly enough. If you're in the business of people in any fashion, consider her an asset. You will be thankful that you found her."

- Cedi A., Principal, Night Fire Media


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