Welcome to Cat Moore, home of the Coop & Connectors Consulting! 

We're all about the art and science of crafting relationship-centric lives at home, work, play, and everywhere between, since relationships are the matrix of life.

Whether you're an Executive, Manager, Educator, Entrepreneur, or simply someone wanting to connect well throughout your networks and spaces, we are excited to help!

We specialize in helping you connect to your core values and vision, revitalize the relational heart of organizations, and cultivate long-term relationships with your clients.

Over the last 15 years, drawing from research in multiple disciplines and vast ethnographic research in the trenches of Los Angeles neighborhoods, we've worked out some transferable principles and flexible models to help you connect widely and deeply in your unique context.

Based in LA but operating at large, we are passionate about helping you and your team connect meaningfully in each moment and over the long haul, because connecting ... is everything. (Yes, especially with difficult people in impossible situations.) 

Would love to see how we could help with your next steps!

- Cat



Cat was scholarshipped to study the Human Condition at USC & the University of Edinburgh, graduating summa cum laude with honors in Philosophy for her work on the preconditions for community and the transformation of social life through public spaces.

She received fellowships to study engagement of culture through politics and religion with a political think tank and Yale faculty, respectively.

For nearly ten years she apprenticed to Philosopher and Theologian, the late Dallas Willard (USC), participating in the development of work around the ethical basis of the professions in American life.


Cat partnered with the Los Angeles Unified School District to analyze the role of relationships and integrity in systemic change.

She went on to direct creative and strategic communications for a national non-profit that equips rogue do-gooders to transform their local contexts through building bridges of caring relationship.

For the last 7 years she has been partnering with universities, non-profits, and local leaders to prototype models for organic connecting especially around the Arts & Education as an Applied Philosopher in North East Los Angeles. Her work has been studied by several researchers and universities and received national and regional grants.


Until her mid 20's, Cat was so shy that she had trouble making eye contact in public. Through the slow, organic process of being present in her local cafes, she began hatching socially. Over the course of several years, she came to discover the power of listening, generosity, and other micro gestures of friendliness to create community. She came to experience the reality of interdependence, which renewed her conviction that community is not only possible for all of us, but is, in fact, the most basic human right and the precondition for human flourishing. One day she looked in the mirror, and with a shock and a thrill, saw a community maker dedicated to working this out with whomever else is excited to weave unity in community.


"What Cat is doing here can serve as the basis for renewed democracy."

"My life has changed in just a few months. Even my employees are noticing that I've become patient!"

"If everyone were like this, there would be no war."

"Cat has the antidote to loneliness, and it starts by caring."

"The thing Cat's doing is just so tremendously valuable...It's really changed my life."

"It's the greatest thing that's ever happened--it's given me a sense of community I've never had."

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