We specialize in organic transformation of your relational soil.

Our process is holistic, emergent, collaborative...and fun.

We work in the fine granules of your contexts to integrate your vision, values, communications, habits, and systems.

Embodiment of this integration promotes radical creativity and the belonging we need to thrive as whole people. 

ORg Consulting

Strategic Integration


Embodiment Practices + Trainings


Relational Data + Communications



Relationships are the foundation and the goal.


The quality of our relationships is the #1 predictor of our wellbeing. Cultures that promote wellbeing have a greater positive impact on their clients, employees, and stakeholders.

Connecting is the most natural instinct on earth.


We are wired to connect deeply and broadly, so we work with our social natures when we invest the attention, honesty, time, and energy into our relationships with ourselves, each other, and our environments.

Connecting is wild, requiring ongoing practice and support.


Control is not the goal of relationships--authentic engagement and mutual exchange through time and change is! Each day we're practicing, adjusting, and growing as we learn with and from each other around shared missions.


Collaboration in the Mud


Where do we start? Where you are. We do a soil assessment, look for the magic beans that are working, and together we cultivate an organic path of pilot projects, communications, data analysis, systems reviews...as needed.

Creative Strategy: Inside-Out


Your fingerprint is unique, so what we grow will emerge as we ask the right questions and explore the immediate needs and opportunities on your horizon.

Experiment + Spill Cycles


We will run rapid, mini pilots from our process of assessments and identification of needs. The projects that show the results we're looking for will be  adopted and adapted to more contexts as the results "spill."


"Without a doubt, I’d work with Cat again on any project of consequence."

- Greg S., CEO, Shadowbox

"If there are others more naturally “people-centered” than Cat, I've never met them.  So in the areas of community, connectedness, interpersonal-relatedness or simple friendship from one human being to another, I can't recommend Cat highly enough. If you're in the business of people in any fashion, consider her an asset. You will be thankful that you found her."

- Cedi A., Principal, Night Fire Media

"When my time is blocked off for a meeting with Cat, I know with confidence that it is going to be time well spent ... Recently she has helped me face the fears of starting a business and creatively letting go in my writing, allowing me to move forward in my dreams with confidence!"

- Yashica A., Founder, MathPsych

Community CoaCHing + Consulting

CLICK™ at College


CLICK™ in your Neighborhood


CLICK™ in your Industry



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