Welcome to the Coop!

What is the Coop?

an organic, free-range network of friends who spread friendliness in Northeast Los Angeles and beyond!

Where is the Coop?

everywhere you find friendliness! we began connecting in LA but have spread across the U.S. and Europe.

How does the Coop work?

through intentional micro-gestures of presence and friendliness, we hatch connections, incubate community, and let fly organic collaborations and often become "framily" in supposed social wastelands.

Awesome Connecting Stories! (coming soon)

Moshe & Soup on the Stoop

Lizette & the SuperMoms

Niki & the Neighborhood Council

Flagship Community Experiments

Writers Salon

Weekly gatherings for local writers, artists, musicians, and producers to work on their projects in the company of other kind creatives.

Curious Conversations

Monthly co-learning salons facilitated by local experts in the community in floating locations.

Petit Montmartre

Seasonal Art-Music-Education Market that fosters community among neighbors, supports local creatives, and integrates local businesses.

Backstory Theater

Seasonal Living Room Event for up to 8 locals to build relationship and cultivate empathy through the simple act of sharing their backstories.

Mother Clucker Collaborative

Monthly Support Incubator for up to 6 women who lead relationally. 

Humans, Unite!

Friendly 1-on-1 coffee chats to work out where you're at and where you want to move in your projects and relationships.

Big Ideas

A Friendship Model

Organic, Free-Range Connecting

Common Ground & Common Goods


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